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Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round

Presented in 2004 at Paul Robeson Theatre and in 2005 and 2007 at Millennium Centre, Buku Productions Theatre Company’s production of “Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round” was written and directed by Artistic Director, Reuben Yabuku.  The story line and a couple of songs in the show came pretty quickly to Reuben as an inspired piece of work.


The entire staging for the show was done fifteen years prior to the script being completed, because he couldn’t find the right songwriting partner to create the songs and music for the Gospel musical about the political career of Dr. Martin Luther King.  When Reuben commissioned Patricia Grant of Inkster, Michigan to help write the songs, magic happened.  Pat finished writing the needed songs in a couple of weeks and the birth of this stylized musical production, finally, was ready to be mounted and hit the stage.  It’s become a perennial production for us.

LNTMR_Funeral LNTMR_Beret LNTMR_Armond_Dancers LNTMR_MLK_Reporter LNTMR_Choir Jenita LNTMR Photo-Reuben As MLK Protest-Dancers MLK-At-Pulpit Jenita-solo Armond-Surrounded-By-Choir


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The Colored Museum

“The Colored Museum” was one of the nation’s top plays in the 1980’s.  The play, written by George C. Wolfe, is eleven exhibits of Black American life through the years.  “The Colored Museum” was Buku Productions Theatre Company’s first production in 1990, and it was the sold-out hit a fledgling theatre company could only dream of having.  With all thirty-six (36) shows at Detroit Repertory Theatre selling out completely, we were on our way.



In 2004, Buku Productions reprised the show with an all-new cast and packed them in again at Paul Robeson Theatre in Detroit.

Colored Museum-Last Mama Rehearsal Permutations-Girl-On-Egg-Talking Symbiosis-Man-Choking-The-Kid Soldier-In-Agony set Models-Arms-Outstretched LaLa_Hugging_Little_Girl cast Aunt-Ethel-With-Dolls


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Breaking Stories

Buku Productions Theatre Company was proud to be asked to produce “Breaking Stories.”  This uniquely crafted play was written and performed by Fox TV 2 Newscaster, Lee Thomas.  Reuben Yabuku, Buku Productions’ Artistic Director, directed the production for Lee.  It gave audiences the rare opportunity to see Lee Thomas perform in a way you can’t see on television.  Other than the occasional appearance by featured performer, Keisha Grant, this production was a one-man stage play.

“Breaking Stories” takes a funny and intriguing look at the making of TV News with a mix of live television and theatre to better reveal the stories behind the sound bites.  Lee Thomas plays multiple characters in a plot-twisting newscast that truly comes to life.  “Breaking Stories” takes the audience behind the scenes and beyond the headlines.

Our presentation of “Breaking Stories” was May 9 – 11, 2003 at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Northwest Activities Center, Detroit.  This production was sponsored by A-Star National Realty.



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The Meeting

Our 2003 production of “The Meeting” asked a simple question: What if Martin Luther King and Malcolm X really did have a secret meeting to discuss their philosophical differences and similarities.  Roosevelt Johnson, Steve Dixon, and Casante Williams were the performers in this dramatic theatre production, presented at the Paul Robeson Theatre.  Malcolm and Martin debated in intense and, sometimes, humorous fashion.  At one point they even resorted to challenging each other to an arm wrestle.  This audience-pleaser kicked off Buku Productions Theatre Company’s 2003/2004 theatre season.



mlkmalcolmdoor  set  armwrestle
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