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Allie Cat-2016 Sponsorship Packet-Domestic Violence-Woman Covering FacePlease Support Our Public Service Projects As We Strive To

Enrich, Nurture and Improve the Quality of Life for S.E. Michigan’s Underserved



The question is, “What can we do RIGHT NOW to help female victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault?”  BUKU CARES is partnering with a non-profit organization that is in the RIGHT NOW business when it comes to assisting women who suffer from the physical and mental abuse from this heinous act.  THE ANGEL HOUSE needs funding to do more and BUKU CARES is soliciting your help to further empower them in their intervention efforts.  What does THE ANGEL HOUSE do for abused women?

  • They work to remove women and their children from any further immediate danger by helping them to find a shelter, away from the physical reach of the abusive perpetrator.  They currently work with organizations in 12 other states to help women relocate to get a fresh new start.
  • They register the abused women as clients and provide them with FREE pre-funded DEBIT CARDS to meet their daily needs like food, clothing, diapers, toiletries, etc.
  • They offer Domestic Violence Awareness workshops monthly.
  • They offer self defense classes to improve potential victims chances of survival.
  • They are a Support Center for victims.

THE ANGEL HOUSE aspires to acquire a building that will house 54 women and children so they have launched a Building Fund campaign to raise $440,000.  They want to be that Safe Haven of protection for their clients.  This just touches the surface of THE ANGEL HOUSE’S level of commitment to help women through their Domestic Violence crisis.  BUKU CARES, the public service division of Buku Productions Theatre Company, Inc., is proud to bring needed attention to THE ANGEL HOUSE and the great work they are doing.  The best way BUKU CARES can help THE ANGEL HOUSE is to plead to Corporations and Individuals alike for MONETARY SUPPORT so they can do what they do even bigger; and that means more women and their children getting the assistance they need to make a better life for themselves before the abuse turns deadly.  Yes, it truly is a matter of life and death for some unfortunate women who turn to THE ANGEL HOUSE.  With your GENEROUS DONATION, they can save more lives and make more women aware of the warning signs that lead to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  Won’t you help?

Here are the Levels of Support you can make with your Tax-Deductible Donation:

$500 – $5,000     General Funding for daily operations of THE ANGEL HOUSE

$5,000 – $10,000    Underwrite cost of DEBIT CARDS for victims’ Daily Necessities

$10,000 – $440,000    Building Fund – Housing for 54

For more details on how to DONATE, please click on the CORPORATE GIVING PACKET link below.


Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round-Protester Rehearsal-As I Say And Do Program With Caption

AS I SAY AND DO theatre apprenticeship is our on-going Hands-On project that combines On-The-Job Training and Cultural Enrichment through theatre arts education.  AS I SAY AND DO is designed to train students more effectively by giving them the opportunity to directly participate in theatre productions as hired performers, hired crew or as volunteers; working behind-the-scenes as Stagehands or Technical Assistants in the Lighting, Sound and Wardrobe departments.  Your FUNDING allows Buku Productions to take students from the Drama Class or Acting Workshop to the stage, learning their craft First-Hand.  This On-The-Job Training is immeasurable.  Well, with our next professional theatre production, “ALLIE CAT,” coming in 2017, we give several selected students that realistic opportunity with the help of your generous donation.  Together, we make their dreams come true.  Your tax-deductible DONATIONS determine how many student apprentices we can bring on board as paid employees.  Won’t you help us to help these young people? 

Please click on the link below for the full CORPORATE GIVING PACKET.

Paying A Child's Way To The Play-Alkebulan Ticket Presentation With Caption PAYING A CHILD’S WAY TO THE PLAY is our Ticket Underwriter Program that is also further elaborated on in full GIVINGS packet.  In short, your generous donation underwrites the cost of Fully Priced tickets for at-risk and underprivileged children; especially adoptive children, their Foster Parents and youth who have aged out of the Foster Care system.  Your DONATED TICKETS will be given away for FREE to our selected recipients in your company’s name.  Licensed adoption agencies and public service facilities target and distribute the tickets for us to the deserving beneficiaries.  Your tax-deductible DONATION allows children to see a live theatre production, most often for the first time ever in their young lives.  Every dime you give goes toward paying for a seat that will be fitted to the bottom of a happy young person and their Guardians.  Please support us in our effort to fill all 1,200 seats of the first Matinee with PAYING A CHILD’S WAY TO THE PLAY recipients.

Please send Detroit area TEENS to see the premiere of, “ALLIE CAT,” the sixth original production by Buku Productions Theatre Company in 2017.

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For full details, view the Corporate Giving Packet