*Domestic Violence Spotlighted


Far too often, senseless Domestic Violence behavior leads to fatality.  News story The Angel House-Karen Lewis Photoafter News story reveals that innocent babies and young children fall victim to these acts of rage.  We can and must change this perception and do what we can to prevent the act.

THE ANGEL HOUSE is founded by Karen R. Lewis (right).  She was a victim of Domestic Violence by her former husband and was inspired to start THE ANGEL HOUSE after her daughter, eight months pregnant at the time, was murdered by her boyfriend.  Karen lost her beloved daughter and unborn granddaughter to this horrific act of violence in 2014.

THE ANGEL HOUSE is committed to making a difference in the lives of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault victims… right now.  THE ANGEL HOUSE assists abused women and their children by helping them to relocate to a Shelter far away from the reach of the abuser and they provide their female clientele with pre-funded Debit Cards so they can purchase daily necessities like food, clothing and toiletries.  Self-Defense classes are offered along with items of protection like pepper spray and whistling alarms for school bags.  Karen R. Lewis is persistently crying out her Awareness message through speaking engagements in hopes of preventing women and their children from becoming statistics to this growing crime.

All year long, Buku Cares will be soliciting donations for THE ANGEL HOUSE and supporting their Awareness and Prevention programs.  Won’t you Help?  Won’t you Give?

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to THE ANGEL HOUSE.

All Corporate Donations made to Buku Cares for THE ANGEL HOUSE, will be announced to the media via press release and potential interviews and over-sized mock checks will be presented to THE ANGEL HOUSE on stage by a representative of the Contributor at the Opening Night premiere of Buku Productions Theatre Company’s original drama, “Allie Cat,” in 2017.  The professional stage play, “Allie Cat,” written by our award-winning Artistic Director, Reuben Yabuku, deals with the subjects of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

To give a tax-deductible donation and for full details on how to give, please click on this link:  Corporate Giving Packet

Or you can mail a company check to:

Buku Cares

P.O. Box 40555

Redford, MI  48240

313. 736. 8100

email:   info@bukucares.org

Allie Cat-2016 Sponsorship Packet-Domestic Violence-Young Lady In Chair

The Angel House, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is located at:

28441 Five Mile Road

Livonia, MI.  48154

(248) 622-0359