Little Ghetto Boy: The Donny Hathaway Tribute Concert

The Donny Hathaway Tribute of 2003 started out as a prospective syndicated radio special, fourteen years prior.  Sometime in 2002, while still waiting for my sales partner in Atlanta to find the necessary funding to broadcast the show, it hit me like a ton of bricks: “Let’s put the Donny Hathaway story on stage instead of on the radio.”


The great Donny Hathaway songs that would have been played on the radio broadcast were performed live, with a live band, by the Detroit area’s top vocalists in the disciplines of Blues, R&B, Jazz, and Gospel.  The addition of the six fabulous Modern/Jazz dancers and interviews with Roberta Flack and Donny’s widow, Eulaulah, helped to make the theatrical concert a magical moment in Detroit theatre history.

Armond thomas ReneeKingJackson Duan_Anita Boneus Singing Donny Hathaway 1collage


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