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Current Production

Buku Productions Theatre Company

Returns With

Premiere of Original Play

Allie Cat_Candice Logo_Moonlit Night 2_2017

written and directed by

Reuben Yabuku

Writer/Director of hit stageplays:

Moms Mabley The Naked Truth

Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round

Rock My Soul

Hit The Floor Dancin’

Donny Hathaway Tribute Concert


Director of Nationally Toured Musical

Church Girl

now broadcast on Netflix and BET Television


The year is 1986.  The place, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Allie is a professional Broadway dancer who struggles with hindering her own success.  A good time is had by all at the dancer hang-out spot, Milt’s Cafe.  Milt, being a former dancer, has a soft spot in his heart for toe-pointers; especially Allie.  Allie and her colorful bunch of dancer friends are a laugh riot as they have the time of their lives, right before our eyes.  However, it’s not all fun and games.  “Allie Cat” exposes some disturbing occurrences of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  You will definitely want to see how these heinous acts are played out and dealt with.  Enjoy yourself as you experience the frivolity, hilarity and explosive action of this world premiere drama, “Allie Cat.”  And the dancing, staged by famed choreographer, Penny Godboldo, is simply spectacular!

copyright 2015

Our Public Service Partner for this production is THE ANGEL HOUSE.  They provide a host of services for women and their children who are victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  By partnering with The Angel House, Buku Productions Theatre Company hopes to raise awareness and desperately needed funding for this incredible non-profit organization.  To read about The Angel House’s story and the wonderful things they do for this at-risk segment of our community, please go to the page entitled, “Domestic Violence Spotlighted.”



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Don’t Just Act, Be There (Spring & Summer Sessions)

April through June, 2011, Buku Productions Theatre Company, in partnership with Arts League of MI, presented the acting workshop, “Don’t Just Act, Be There,” Instructed by award-winning theatre Director, Reuben Yabuku. The four (4) day per week events were a resounding success.  We are so pleased with the growth and development of all the workshop attendees.  This workshop is proof positive of how much can be accomplished in four short days with good instruction and students who are eager to learnBeginners and Experienced actors alike impressed our acclaimed Acting Instructor throughout the Spring and Summer sessions.  Reuben Yabuku stated, “It’s absolutely thrilling to watch an actor’s face go from one big question mark to a truly interpretive performance.  I appreciate how receptive our students were to our Three Principle Steps to Developing an Acting Foundation, Character Development, Body Language Discovery, Finding Their Character’s Voice, the Mechanical & Technical Aspects of Acting, the Art of Listening, Script Memorization, Scene Study, Taking the Right Headshot, Setting Up Their Acting Resume… and more.  I want to thank our Guest Speakers, Talent Agent Rob Winkworth and Photographer, Bruce Giffen as well; they were incredible resources of information.” The small classes that our Instructor insisted on, allowed him to give an awful lot of personal attention to each workshop attendee and provided ample time for daily scene studies with intricate direction.  Due to all the requests for more classes, we are considering opening up more classes and giving more Beginning and Experienced actors the same opportunity to grow in their abilities and increase their chances for being a Working Actor.


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